Revolution Awards 2018: Best Design -- Cartier Tank Replica Rolex Cellini

With the countless new designs and concepts being created every day, it becomes more difficult to believe that love at first glance is possible. Sometimes you won't fall in love with the piece immediately. Other times it takes some time. The Cartier Tank Replica Rolex Cellini is a perfect example. Cartier decided to re-visit this long-forgotten design.ulysse nardin replica In all honesty, I was not aware of it when it first arrived. It took me a few days to fall in love with it, despite all the attention it received at SIHH 2018. We should have known this one was coming. It was already hinted that the Maison would be celebrating its historic designs soon.

Tank Replica Rolex Cellini in platinum (Image courtesy Sidney Teo (c), Revolution)

The Tank Replica Rolex Cellini's origins can be traced back nearly a century ago, in 1926. This was a time when smaller dimensions were preferred and the case, which is slim and curved, fit the bill. But styles changed quickly and Cartier began to focus on the more robust Tank and the more elegant Tank Americaine. The latter is a more modern version with a slightly larger case. Cartier decided to bring back the Tank Replica Rolex Cellini after a decade. It has three different case versions: yellow gold, pink and platinum.Rolex Replica Watches The watch measures 46.33mm x 23mm. It is still unique in its curvature and stays true to its Replica Rolex Cellini roots, despite its new dimensions. It measures 7.2mm in thickness, which is thin enough to fit within vintage design aesthetics but thick enough to feel modern.

Tank Replica Rolex Cellini in yellow, platinum, and rose gold. Image by Sidney Teo (c/ Revolution).

The styling is very restrained. The dial features simple hour markers with 12 and 6 numerals, paired with the Maison's signature blue hands. The real magic is in the various color combinations. A champagne dial can be paired with the yellow gold case, while a pink dial with a black dial will go with the platinum case with a light gray dial.Replica Rolex Cellini The dials are not finished in any way, which keeps its overall design clean and discrete. All three versions are available on an alligator leather strap and a gold-ardillon buckle.
Replica Rolex Cellini