Revolution Awards 2018 - Revolutionary Watch of the Year - URWERK AMC Atomic Master Clock roger dubuis replica

In all the years I've been with Revolution, which is quite a lot, I have not seen a watch that has earned this award more than URWERK AMC. It regulates a mechanical watch using a paired atomic timer.Replica Rolex Explorer It is both innovative and grounded in tradition. While that can be said for many watches, the URWERK AMC does it to an extraordinary degree. This statement is not exaggerated. The Sympathique clock is another aspect of the AMC, linking it back to Abraham-Louis roger dubuis replica, the 18th-century ubermaestro. The pairing of the atomic clock with the mechanical watch propels the AMC far beyond current watchmaking technology.

This is achieved by combining traditional watchmaking techniques, such as using eccentric cams and toothed tracks to transmit variable data, with the advanced regulator used in the original URWERK EMC watches.Rolex Replica Watches The AMC's ability to combine the time reading of a mechanical watch with the precise time measurement of anatomic clock is enough for RevolutionaryWatch to be out of commission for the next decade.

The AMC is a truly innovative piece of watchmaking. But, is it really groundbreaking? Or, in other words, will it change the face and future of horology. It won't. That is the quick answer. However, its technology, similar to Abraham-Louis roger dubuis replica’s most famous inventions, could end the mechanical watchmaking's inexplicable lack of precision.

We are here because it is clear who this category belongs too;roger dubuis replica the URWERK AMC has been crowned the winner of all categories.
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