Revolution Awards 2018 -- Best Concept Watch -- rolex replica Royal Oak (RD#2) Perpetual Calendar Ultra Thin

Francois-Henry Bennahmias was the CEO of Royal Oak RD#2 Perpetual replica This was on day one of SIHH 2018. Although there were plenty of images and news about the watch on the internet, we only learned more about it from Francois-Henry Bennahmias, the brand's CEO. This was the morning of SIHH 2018.

Bennahmias began, "Imagine a house that has three floors." He continued, "Fully furnished on each floor." He then reacted by placing his right hand over his left. You still have all of your furniture. They're all there. But only one floor. This is what we did to create the RD#2 Ultra-Thin Perpetual Calendar.

Take into account that the current Calibre 5134 perpetual calendar movement is 4.31mm.Rolex Replica Watches Calibre 5133 of the RD#2 is only 2.89mm thick. rolex replica had to redesign every wheel, bridge, and pinion in order to reduce 1.42mm while still maintaining the 5134's functionality.

"There were meetings and discussions in Le Brassus [when it was time to make this watch], when [my team] nearly got into fist fights. Bennahmias said that the "old generation" and "new generation" of watchmakers at rolex replica were in fact one another. "Because the new generation [the original idea] works, while the opposing side claimed it wouldn't work."

The concept was not just a way to make perpetual calendar movements, but it was also a way for the watchmakers to come to an agreement on its validity. The RD#2 project has taught rolex replica a lot of things that will forever change the way they think about movements.

We are proud to award our 2018 Best Concept Watch award,rolex replica not only to Le Brassus-based watchmaker but also because it was so bold to challenge its norms to the point that internal strife ensued.

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